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Alcon Dailies Total1 Multifocal Workshop (VCPD3)

2M CPD in Australia | TBA in New Zealand | 30 September 2018

By Simon Allen

This three-part workshop is an online recorded version of Alcon’s multifocal contact lens workshop series. It focuses on presbyopes, the tear film and how to make multifocal contact lenses work for this growing and valuable patient group.

In module one you’ll learn about the role that phospholipids play in the tear film and how modern contact lenses promote both comfort and vision by supporting the tear film, particularly in presbyopes where tear film instability may be more common.

Module two will guide you on how to quickly and easily fit Alcon’s multifocal contact lenses, as well as how to troubleshoot on occasion if required. Several case examples will be reviewed to look at the troubleshooting tips in more detail so that you’ll be equipped to successfully fit a variety of patient types and prescriptions in practice.

Module three will look at consumer attitudes to optometrists’ advice, the influence of comfort on contact lens drop-out, and how this may affect patient satisfaction and practice revenue over time.

After completing these modules you’ll be well on your way to recommending and successfully fitting multifocal contact lenses. .



1. Understand the role of phospholipids in the tear film
2. Understand how contact lenses can support the tear film
3. Understand how to fit Alcon multifocal contact lenses
4. Understand how to troubleshoot Alcon multifocal contact lenses.

Part 1 - (30 Minutes)

 Part 2 - (25 Minutes)

Part 3 - Simon Allen (18:43 Minutes)



Simon Allen, B.Optom (Hons) UNSW 2003, works for Alcon Laboratories in Professional Affairs, where he is responsible for producing and executing training and education programs in contact lenses and contact lens care. Simon has worked in private practice in Australia and the UK, most recently at Whitehouse Optometrists, where he gained experience with unusual & complex visual problems, including contact lenses.