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Building Your Practice with New Technologies (6 Part CPD Video)

2M CPD in Australia | 1.5G in New Zealand | 8 December 2018
This CPD module by Aaron Lech (OD, FAAO) is a video presentation of a ZEISS CPD education event held in November 2017 in Sydney.

Viewers will learn more about the latest ZEISS technologies and how they can benefit the practice’s level of clinical care and workflow. Aaron Lech (USA), a recognised innovator in the optometry field, discusses what’s new in diagnostic equipment and software from ZEISS and how he maximises these innovations in his practice to drive patient care.

Topics covered are:

  • The NEW CLARUS 500 - the next generation, ultra-widefield fundus imaging system from ZEISS that provides True Colour and high-resolution across an ultra-wide image, enabling detection of peripheral and subtle difference. Here, Aaron discusses pathology identification using the different imaging modes of the device.
  • The NEW SITA Faster – shaving 50% off the current standard threshold test time, with no clinical compromise. This improves practice workflow.
  • Incorporating baseline screening OCT exams to improve patient management
  • Improving efficiencies in a changing market: maximising workflows, equipment and technologies to monitor disease progression and thus drive patient care.
  • This course is presented as six 15 minute video presentations


  • Interpret ultra-widefield images in the clinical diagnosis of peripheral pathologies
  • Describe the fundus imaging mode most suitable for diagnosing the health of the Retinal Pigment
  • Epithelium and Geographic Atrophy
  • Recall how Angioplex OCT Angiography technology allows visualization of the retinal microvasculature
  • Explain why base-line exams are important for patient management


PART 1 (14.44 Minutes)



PART 2 (15.39 Minutes)



PART 3 (17.09 Minutes)


PART 4 (13.16 Minutes)


PART 5 (16.13 Minutes)



PART 6 (20.29 Minutes)




Dr. Lech has pioneered diagnostic practice strategies over the past 15 years and shares candidly his successes, failures and keys to process and implementation. Following his graduation from ICO and service as an optometrist on active duty with the US Navy, Dr. Lech founded ClearVue Eye Care in Roseville, CA. ClearVue is a 4-doctor, multi-specialty eye care clinic that employs the philosophy of a "diagnostic driven exam". He is recognised as an innovator by colleagues and industry experts alike.