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CooperVision MyDay Toric Contact Lenses - Background, Design & Development, Material Chemistry & Development (4 Part CPD Video)

2M CPD in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 8 December 2018


By Joe Tanner and Dr Steve Diamanti

This CPD module is a 4 part video presentation of a CooperVision education event held in August 2017 in Sydney.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the prevalence of, and contact lens prescribing trends for, astigmatism. (Tanner)
2. Understand the principles influencing the design of soft toric contact lenses in general. (Tanner)
3. Understand the inherent compromises in earlier forms of silicone hydrogel contact lens materials. (Diamanti)
4. Understand Smart Silicone chemistry - the material used for MyDay toric. (Diamanti)
5. Show an understanding of some of the design features of the MyDay toric which govern its rotational stability. (Diamanti)


Joe Tanner of CooperVision delivered a 30 minute presentation reviewing the development, design and clinical prescribing a new contact lens, MyDay toric. Dr. Steve Diamanti of CooperVision delivered a 30 minute presentation explaining the material chemistry and other aspects of the development and design of the MyDay toric contact lens. The content is intended for optometrists.

Part 1 By Joe Tanner

(15.24 Minutes)


Part 2 by Joe Tanner

(16.23 Minutes)


Part 3 by Dr. Steve Diamant

(15.54 Minutes)


Part 4 by Dr. Steve Diamanti

(16.39 Minutes)


Joe Tanner, BOptom (University of Auckland), is an optometrist who has worked in clinical practice in New Zealand, Australia and the UK and was a clinical supervisor at the University of Auckland and QUT in Brisbane. He has worked in industry in educational and commercial roles for Allergan UK, Hydron UK, Capricornia Contact Lens (Australia) and CooperVision (Australia and New Zealand) and has given presentations on contact lens topics internationally. He has also conducted workshops at the BCLA Clinical Conference and at Queensland Vision. He is a contributing author to the textbook Contact Lens Practice by Nathan Efron and is currently employed as Professional Services Manager for CooperVision Australia/New Zealand.



Steve Diamanti, BScience (Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University) and a PHD (Materials Scientce & Engineering from  University of California), is Senior Technical Marketing Manager at CooperVision Inc. (USA). Steve has been an active researcher in polymer synthesis, surface science, and biocompatible materials since 1998. He has co-authored 15 journal articles and is a holder of six patents in these technology areas. Steve joined CooperVision in 2013 and has been focused on product development and core research efforts involved with improving contact lens end-of-day comfort. A key activity of Steve’s research team was the development of the MyDay contact lens material.