CPD Modules Available

  1. Managing Cataract with Corneal Disease

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 01 November 2018

    By Professor Gerard Sutton    There are a number of clinical scenarios in which clinically significant cataracts are found in the presence of corneal disease. The presence of the corneal disease can complicate decision making around the timing and... Read More

  2. A Complete Approach to Dry Eye

    2T CPD in Australia | 1G in New Zealand | 01 November 2018

    By Jason Holland     Dry eye is sometimes viewed as a simple condition, yet DEWS II has reminded us just how complex and multifactorial it is. There has been an explosion of interest in dry eye in recent years, along with a lot of opinions on... Read More

  3. Trial Ready AMD Cases: Establishing a Registry

    2 CPD in Australia | .25CD + .25G in New Zealand | 01 November 2018

    By Professor Robyn Guymer AM and Jeena Tan      The global prevalence of age related macular degeneration (AMD) continues to increase, impacting quality of life for patients, their families and carers. Early diagnosis and prompt management are... Read More

  4. Surgically Induced Dry Eye and Advances in Dry...

    2 CPD in Australia | 1.25G in New Zealand | 17 October 2018

    Dr. Con Moshegov and Assoc. Professor Colin Chan   Surgically Induced Dry Eye presented by Dr. Con Moshegov discusses while more and more patients are undergoing either cataract surgery or refractive surgery. These patients may experience either... Read More

  5. Degenerative Floaters: A Practical Review

    2 CPD in Australia | Not available in NZ from Nov | 01 October 2018

    By Dr. Simon Chen and Dr. Chris Hodge        Floaters are opacities in the vitreous cavity that occur as a result of the normal ageing process, or less commonly, due to eye disease such as uveitis, infection, intraocular haemorrhage,... Read More

  6. Cataract Surgery and Anterior Segment Challenges

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.5 CD + 0.5G in New Zealand | 01 October 2018

    By Dr. Alex Ioannidis      Patients with cataracts present to us with a wide range of ophthalmic and systemic comorbidities and the challenge is to achieve the best possible outcome. There are some particularly complex cases that we need to... Read More

  7. Managing Age-related Astigmatism: Part Two

    2 CPD in Australia | 1G in New Zealand | 01 October 2018

    By David Stephensen     The options for correcting refractive astigmatism are increasing. Within your arsenal are spectacle lenses, soft contact lenses for astigmatism, rigid contact lenses for astigmatism and intraocular lenses. This... Read More

  8. Glaucoma: Improving Outcomes Through Dedicated...

    2 CPD in Australia | Not available in NZ from Nov | 01 October 2018

    By Dr. Ben Ashby and Annie Gibbins      Glaucoma is one of the world’s leading causes of irreversible blindness yet half of those with glaucoma remain undiagnosed. Glaucoma Australia is committed to eliminating glaucoma blindness and... Read More

  9. Alcon Dailies Total1 Multifocal Workshop (VCPD3)

    2M CPD in Australia | TBA in New Zealand | 30 September 2018

    By Simon Allen and Tsu Shan Chambers    In this Video CPD, Simon Allen and Tsu Shan Chambers present a two-part video workshop that looks at how, why and which multifocal contact lenses can work for your presbyopic patients. Read More

  10. Options in Dry Eye Management and Contact Lens...

    2 CPD in Australia | TBA in New Zealand | 24 September 2018

      By Mark Koszek and Jason Holland In this Video CPD, Mark Koszek presents a part 1 video workshop that discusses the presentation of contact lens related dry eye in practice and considerations for the contact lens practitioner. Modern contact lens... Read More

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