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  1. The Dry Eye Battle: Part One

    2T in Australia | 1G in New Zealand | 01 February 2019

    By Mark Koszek     Dry eye disease is a chronic disease that worsens with age and is more prevalent in women. It has been shown that the impact of severe dry eye disease on quality of life is similar to the impact of moderate to severe... Read More

  2. A Powerful Outlook on Low Power Cataract Surgery

    2 CPD in Australia | TBC in New Zealand | 01 February 2019

    By Dr Ilan Sebban       Cataract surgery has evolved through many stages. This evolution has included both surgical techniques and devices, which offer patients a combination of optimised post-surgical vision and greater convenience. Low... Read More

  3. Periocular Tumours: Green Lights, Orange Warnings ...

    2 CPD in Australia | TBC in New Zealand | 01 February 2019

    By Dr Dov Hersh     Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, and of these, 5–10 per cent will be eyelid malignancies. Eye care professionals have a unique opportunity to identify ‘red... Read More

  4. Refractive Laser Surgery: Who’s Interested Now?

    2 CPD in Australia | TBC in New Zealand | 01 February 2019

    There are now various corneal refractive procedures available to correct vision, ranging from laser excimer to  small lenticule incision surgery (SMILE). This article assesses the existing options and gives a glimpse into what the near future holds. Read More

  5. Visual Correction for Sports

    2 CPD in Australia| 1G in New Zealand | 08 December 2018

    By Helen Venturato and Nicola Peaper      Whether your patients are participating in sport at an elite or purely recreational level, good vision and the correct selection of eyewear will influence their safety, performance,... Read More

  6. Contact Lens Solutions: Time to Talk to Patients?

    2M CPD in Ausrtalia | 1G in New Zealand | 08 December 2018

    By Joshua Clark     With around 40 per cent of contact lens patients in Australia and New Zealand wearing fortnightly or monthly contact lenses, thorough contact lens cleaning protocols are essential to reduce the risks of ocular infection and... Read More

  7. MIGS: Tailored Treatments for Glaucoma

    2 CPD in Ausrtalia | 1CD + 1G in New Zealand | 08 December 2018

    By Dr. Nathan Kerr    Optometrists are often the first point of contact between patients and ophthalmic surgeons, so it is essential they are well informed about the latest surgery techniques. Read More

  8. Surgically Induced Dry Eye and Advances in Dry...

    2 CPD in Australia | 1.25G in New Zealand | 08 December 2018

    Dr. Con Moshegov and Assoc. Professor Colin Chan   Surgically Induced Dry Eye presented by Dr. Con Moshegov discusses while more and more patients are undergoing either cataract surgery or refractive surgery. These patients may experience either... Read More

  9. Cataract Surgery and IOLs:What the Doctor...

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.25CD + 0.25G in New Zealand | 08 December 2018

    By Dr. Christolyn Raj    Among many disciplines in eye care where co-management is a necessity, perhaps the most challenging is in the area of cataract/refractive surgery care. Read More

  10. Bausch and Lomb Biotrue ONEday Lenses for...

    2M CPD in Australia | 0.75G in New Zealand | 08 December 2018

    By David Stephensen     In this Video CPD, David Stephensen presents the latest innovations in Bausch and Lomb Contact lenses. Part I - Hypergel Modern day Lens Challenges, New Technology Hypergel, BioTrue ONEday Use Of New Technology,... Read More

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