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  1. Options in Dry Eye Management and Contact Lens...

    2 CPD in Australia | TBA in New Zealand | 24 September 2018

      By Mark Koszek and Jason Holland In this Video CPD, Mark Koszek presents a part 1 video workshop that discusses the presentation of contact lens related dry eye in practice and considerations for the contact lens practitioner. Modern contact lens... Read More

  2. Visual Correction for Sports

    2 CPD in Australia| 1G in New Zealand | 01 September 2018

    By Helen Venturato and Nicola Peaper      Whether your patients are participating in sport at an elite or purely recreational level, good vision and the correct selection of eyewear will influence their safety, performance,... Read More

  3. Contact Lens Solutions: Time to Talk to Patients?

    2M CPD in Ausrtalia | 1G in New Zealand | 01 September 2018

    By Joshua Clark     With around 40 per cent of contact lens patients in Australia and New Zealand wearing fortnightly or monthly contact lenses, thorough contact lens cleaning protocols are essential to reduce the risks of ocular infection and... Read More

  4. MIGS: Tailored Treatments for Glaucoma

    2 CPD in Ausrtalia | 1 CD + GE in New Zealand | 01 September 2018

    By Dr. Nathan Kerr    Optometrists are often the first point of contact between patients and ophthalmic surgeons, so it is essential they are well informed about the latest surgery techniques. Read More

  5. Bausch and Lomb Biotrue ONEday Lenses for...

    2M CPD in Australia | 0.75 G in New Zealand | 01 September 2018

    By David Stephensen     In this Video CPD, David Stephensen presents the latest innovations in Bausch and Lomb Contact lenses. Part I - Hypergel Modern day Lens Challenges, New Technology Hypergel, BioTrue ONEday Use Of New Technology,... Read More

  6. Cataract Surgery and IOLs:What the Doctor...

    2 CPD in Australia | 1CD in New Zealand | 01 August 2018

    By Dr. Christolyn Raj    Among many disciplines in eye care where co-management is a necessity, perhaps the most challenging is in the area of cataract/refractive surgery care. Read More

  7. Managing Age-Related Astigmatism

    2 CPD in Ausrtalia | 1G in New Zealand | 01 August 2018

    By David Stephensen    In the course of our daily professional lives our patients will often ask the question, “What is astigmatism?”. In response, there is a brief period of silence as we run through, in our minds, which of our... Read More

  8. Managing Acute Corneal Hydrops

    2T CPD in Australia | 0.5CD in New Zealand | 01 August 2018

    By David Foresto    Acute corneal hydrops are uncommon and often selflimiting. When suspected, clinicians should be careful in their slit lamp assessment to rule out other more sinister and sight threatening pathologies. Once diagnosed,... Read More

  9. PDR: A New Anti-VEGF Era?

    2 CPD in Australia | 1CD in New Zealand | 01 July 2018

    By Associate Professor Adrian Fung and Dr. Michelle Hui    Proliferative diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of severe vision impairment. Untreated, almost half of patients with high risk PDR will develop severe visual loss within five... Read More

  10. Late Presentation Eye Disease

    2 CPD in Australia | 1CD in New Zealand | 01 July 2018

    By Esther Euripidou    Sometimes, a patient will present with an eye disease or subnormal vision at a stage when we have limited capacity to help them. Often when this is the case, there is an overlay of patient anxiety which may compromise... Read More

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