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Surgically Induced Dry Eye and Advances in Dry Eye

2 CPD in Australia | 1.25G in New Zealand | 8 December 2018

Dr. Con Moshegov and Assoc. Professor Colin Chan


Surgically Induced Dry Eye presented by Dr. Con Moshegov discusses while more and more patients are undergoing either cataract surgery or refractive surgery. These patients may experience either transient surgically-induced dry eye or have existing dry eye exacerbated through undergoing a procedure. Dr. Moshegov will outline the causes of surgically induced dry eye, what to look out for and how optometrists can support these patients.
Advances in Dry Eye Diagnosis presented by Assoc. Professor Colin Chan presents how technology improves so does our ability to detect and manage dry eye. He will outline the latest in dry eye diagnosis and what to look out for in clinical practice when your patients present with signs and symptoms of dry eye.


1. Understand prevalence and presentation of DED resulting from refractive surgery and its management methods
2. Understand the different ways optometry and ophthalmology can work together in co management of surgically induced dry eye patients
3. Understand advancements in dry eye diagnosis and differentiation of the different types of DED
4. Discuss how DED can be managed with different eye drops available in the market
5. Discuss best practices in referral pathways between optometry and ophthalmology to improve patient outcomes.

PART 1 - Surgically Induced Dry Eye by Dr. Con Moshegov (36 minutes)

PART 2 -  Advances in Dry Eye Diagnosis by Assoc. Professor Colin Chan (39 minutes)



Dr. Con Moshegov specialises in cataract and laser eye surgery with two practices in Sydney and Hornsby.  He is a consultant to major ophthalmic companies and is an honorary clinical lecturer at graduate school of health at University of Technology Sydney. Dr. Moshegov has published numerous articles in internationally recognised ophthalmic journals and has presented his work at both local and international meetings.



Assoc. Prof Colin Chan is a refractive, cataract and corneal eye surgeon with more than 16 years of experience. He is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra and an internationally recognised expert in vision correction procedures, including laser eye surgery (LASIK, SMILE and ASLA/PRK), refractive lens exchange and lens implant surgery. He has extensive experience in cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery. Dr. Chan also specialises in the treatment of corneal conditions, with a focus on keratoconus and pterygium. He has expertise in techniques such as corneal ring implants (Intacs and Kerarings), collagen cross-linking and corneal transplants